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YNDI Lunar Flow

YNDI Lunar Flow


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

Channel the nurturing and cyclical energy of the moon in the YNDI Lunar Flow yoga class. As ourselves and the entire universe move and evolve in cycles, this yoga class is a reflection of this as it moves forward from floor postures to standing and then reverses back down to the floor and ends how it began, honoring liminal space and time. It is a therapeutic and transformative practice without weight-bearing postures for the upper body. As the moon pulls and controls the tides of the ocean, it does so with the body as well, since the body is 60% water. Each phase of the moon impacts our subconscious and can be felt on a deep level. There are different currencies with each lunar phase that is touched upon in this practice. As you move through the fluid flow, you set an intention which is connecting with the energy of the new moon, embrace your intention and vision for yourself (waxing crescent), implement your intention (first quarter moon), focus inward and reflect (waxing gibbous), let go and release, focus on healing and trust your intuition (full moon), express gratitude (waxing gibbous), release what's not serving (last quarter moon), connect to stillness and peace, rest (waning crescent). No matter what current phase of the moon, you can help harness its energy by bringing in the different elements of its influence. This gentle yoga practice will bring harmony and balance to your physical and emotional body and make you feel restored and inspired. The custom-composed soundscape by Dj.Inc. fuels and nurtures the flow to lead you to bliss.

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