Short excerpt from the YNDI Fusion 1 Hour.

Intro to YNDI Fusion

The transformational and empowering YNDI Fusion class with modifications to ease your way into this practice safely. Great for new students or for those who have an injury or a tight back or hamstrings, and need to move more cautiously or slowly. Heal and thrive.


Intro to YNDI Fusion with Backbends/ 01:36:42


Intro to YNDI Fusion with Knees, Back & Hips/ 01:28:33

Intro to YNDI Fusion with Hip Openers / 01:30:30

Intro to YNDI Fusion Express / 50:08

YNDI Fusion

Dynamic, therapeutic and transformational yoga practice fusing together different disciplines, including Hot Yoga. Stretch and strengthen your entire body, quiet the mind and nourish your soul. Build strength and endurance.


YNDI Fusion with Hip Openers / 01:17:04

YNDI Fusion with Backbends / 01:28:34

YNDI Fusion Express / 41:19


YNDI Fusion with Knees, Back & Hips / 1:16:28


YNDI Fusion 1 Hour / 1:03:20


Intro to YNDI Flow

Fun and vigorous YNDI Flow with modifications so you know how to transition and move safely whether you want to slow it down or nurse an injury. This practice builds upper body and core strength, improves flexibility, and will empower you to reach your highest potential.


Intro to YNDI Flow with Backbends / 01:30:30


Intro to YNDI Flow with Knees, Back & Hips / 1:25:25

Intro to YNDI Flow with Hip Openers / 01:31:07

Intro to YNDI Flow Express / 55:43


Playful and challenging vinyasa practice that incorporates different disciplines of yoga, including Hot Yoga. Build upper body and core strength linking movement with the breath and explore more advanced variations. Feel empowered with this well rounded practice that will improve your endurance and stamina. 


YNDI FLOW & Fly / 01:11:54


YNDI Flow II with Backbends / 01:30:49

YNDI Flow II with Knees, Back & Hips / 01:21:54

YNDI Flow II with Hip Openers / 01:24:33

YNDI Flow II Express / 51:40


YNDI Heart Opening Flow with Knees, Back & Hips / 1:17:43


YNDI Heart Opening Flow Express / 48:12

Yndi Heart Opening Flow with Backbends / 01:23:00

YNDI Heart Opening Flow with Hip Openers / 01:20:19

YNDI Awaken

A shorter invigorating and powerful practice to bring strength, peace and clarity into your life.  


YNDI Awaken Flow / 37:56


YNDI Awaken and Ignite / 48:25

YNDI Awaken & Strengthen / 46:00


YNDI Awaken Flow Express / 26:42

YNDI RESTORE spine twist.JPG

YNDI Restore

Take time to rest and connect to stillness in this magical restorative practice. There's only floor postures in this class and each one is held longer, so you are invited to close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, and let yourself release and drift away. Even though you can do this practice without props, feel free to have a block, folded blanket and pillow by your side in case you need it for support. Experience bliss. 


YNDI Restoravtive flow / 25:52

YNDI RESTORE spine twist.JPG

YNDI Restore / 26:42

YNDI Meditation

Guided meditation to calm the mind and connect with peace.


YNDI Meditation • Stillness / 7:00


YNDI Meditation • Empower / 6:21


YNDI Yoga Nidra / 19:59


YNDI Meditation • Tranquility / 15:34


YNDI Meditation • Illuminate / 17:18


YNDI Alternate Nostril Breathing Meditation / 08:20


YNDI Meditation • Surrender / 6:26

YNDI Fundamentals

The fundamentals of the foundational postures are broken down to better understand alignment and how they can help serve your practice. Modifications are also explained.

YNDI Fundamentals / 07:41

Recordings from Live Events


Summer Solstice / 1:22:36


Ocean Celebration / 01:01:51