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Travel through atmospheric environments and soundscapes with YNDI Yoga as you bring your body and mind to optimal health, and nourish your soul. Empowering, transformational and accessible, YNDI is an immersive experience where yoga, meditation and art come to breathe. With uncompromising depth, international yoga teacher and visual artist, Lana Vogestad E-RYT 500, guides each practice with clear instruction— including modifications for the more challenging postures— to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. Reinforced by the cinematography and custom soundscapes, each yoga class and guided meditation is a multi-sensory journey to bliss.

YNDI offers diverse yoga classes rooted in different disciplines, including therapeutic Hot Yoga, express classes when you’re short on time, and classes for newer students or students with injuries, in addition to challenging classes for more seasoned practitioners. There’s also a diverse selection of guided meditations including Yoga Nidra, which is a magical yogic sleep for deep rest. Along with the growing video library, we also do livestream yoga classes for YNDI members and collaborate with musicians for these events who perform their original compositions.


Connect to something bigger and discover your potential with YNDI Yoga.

YNDI is a collaboration between the yoga teacher and artist Lana Vogestad and authentically gifted artists and musicians.

Jeremy Parmley


Brett Wiese Saunders


Ryan Wofford aka. Dj. Inc.


Namory Keita


Mikael Lind

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