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I feel amazing and can't wait for class tomorrow 

“This is brilliant” 

“Every class I take I fall more in love with YNDI Yoga, your healing voice, the beautiful nature, and the yoga of course! The aesthetics are jaw dropping and make my ❤ feel such joy...” 


“Just as beautiful to watch as the practice is to follow.” 

“YNDI Yoga is truly a one of a kind experience. The inspiring locations and entrancing soundscapes transport you out of your daily world, while Lana's soothing and empowering voice grounds you in your breath, providing precise instruction through the beautifully varied sequences.

An incredible gift for our current world!” 

“Because asana is one of the ways I express gratitude for my humanity as the embodiment of consciousness and form, I am discerning about where I "worship." Lana is a rare and gifted yoga teacher who radiates a natural and unwavering connection to "something bigger." In this way, YNDI is truly a community for personal and collective elevation.”

Love doing your classes. It is so great to get into the zone and listen to your voice, but the videos are so beautiful so one also wants to just to sit and watch. 

“I'm so thankful to have the YNDI yoga and meditation videos in my life. My yoga practice has been more constant since there is such a great range of options to choose from. I've been seeing improvement in my flexibility and balance which has in turn helped with my running. In addition to Lana's ability to make it feel like I'm in an actual yoga class as I practice in my living room, the different videos are stunning works of art. YNDI Yoga is a truly unique experience.”

"Lana- from the start you have been a monumental inspiration. Your kind words, gentle spirit and your unapparelled ability to make your students feel special and give them the tools to enhance their individual practices is a gift to all who know you. It is a true privilege and blessing to be able to share the YNDI journey with you. I am forever grateful the universe brought you to us. You have shown us no matter how dark, there can always be light."

Video Testimonials

"Lana's teachings make my relationships better with everyone in my life... and with YNDI Yoga it is next level."



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