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  • Is YNDI Yoga accessible for new students to yoga?
    Absolutely. The most beginner friendly classes are the Intro to YNDI Fusion and Intro to YNDI Flow. The Awaken Flow is also a more gentle class. A great place to start is reviewing the YNDI Fundamentals so you understand modification options. Implement modifications at anytime in your practice. You can also benefit immensely by practicing the alternate nostril breathing and meditation.
  • Do I need a block? What if I don’t have one?
    If you have a block, have it handy. If you don’t, you can use a water bottle in the standing series when a block is an option and you can use a folded blanket or pillow in the floor series.
  • Can I practice these classes multiple times?
    Yes! This is encouraged. When you are a member, you have unlimited access to all the YNDI classes. Your practice evolves and strengthens when you practice the same postures and flows over and over again. Not only will you dig deeper into your physical body creating more transformation, but you also will notice the practice becomes a moving meditation when you know what to expect so you can fine tune your transitions and pace yourself better.
  • What if I have a back injury or another physical limitation?
    Focus on healing and be very careful. Watch the Fundamentals and practice the Intro to YNDI Fusion. There are modifications mentioned in the videos so please incorporate them so you can feel better and move safely. The meditations are also very beneficial to practice as well. As my teacher Jimmy Barkan says, find your starting point without judgment and work from there.
  • How can I make my space hotter?
    What I’ve always used at home is a good space heater. Close the windows and doors so your space is not drafty. If you have a humidifier, that can help as well. And turn your heat up!
  • What should I expect with the YNDI classes?
    All of the YNDI classes are accessible for all yoga practitioners whether you are new or seasoned. Meet yourself where you are and focus on healing. There are options to amplify your practice with more advanced variations as well as options to modify and scale it back. Each time we practice, the experience is different as our body can change every day as well as it’s needs. Listen to the instructions and immerse yourself in a new experience each time you are on your mat. The benefits are endless. You’ll receive more benefits the more you practice and the more you practice a similar flow to tap into deeper elements, such as breath control, bandhas (energy locks), more proper alignment, and fluid transitions. Have a block handy or a folded blanket if you need. Get ready to transform and thrive!
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