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Intro to YNDI Flow with Backbends

Intro to YNDI Flow with Backbends

1hr 30min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

The transformational Intro to YNDI Flow with Backbends yoga class is an all-encompassing beginner friendly vinyasa practice fusing together different disciplines of yoga, including Hot Yoga, to build upper body and core strength, improve flexibility and increases range of motion, as well as empower you to access your potential. This slower paced class makes it easy to follow so you can focus on the details and the foundations of the postures, yet still feel amazing benefits for your body and mind. Modifications for plank, chaturanga and upward facing dog are clearly explained and demonstrated.

We'll begin with a meditative, standing breathing exercise to set the tone for the practice. Get grounded in the expansive landscape for a slowed down YNDI Flow that clearly covers modifications and options to adjust the postures. The balancing in this class will be one set of most of the balancing postures in a Nordic barn before it closes with a dynamic and therapeutic back strengthening and backbending sequence to strengthen the spine and back, improve flexibility, as well as open your heart and connect you with your purpose. Rest and relish in a blissful final relaxation in the beautiful field to give yourself time in stillness to surrender, let go, and let your spirit soar.

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