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YNDI Awaken & Empower

YNDI Awaken & Empower


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

YNDI Awaken & Empower is a yoga class that is therapeutic, energizing and will definitely create a positive shift in your day. Fusing together different styles of yoga, including Hot Yoga with postures from Calcutta, such as Triangle and Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, with asanas from other disciplines, this yoga class is all-encompassing and will help improve flexibility as well as build strength in your body and mind.

Basked in light in an open barn doorway, the beautiful lighting and atmosphere sets the tone to bring your focus inward and ignite your inner light. There are clear options for modifications in this practice so it's for all levels and you can meet yourself where you are. There are also clear ways to amplify so you have the tools to challenge yourself and get stronger. The combination of the clear instruction, cinematography with the custom soundscape by Dj.Inc. are captivating and fuel the practice and soothe the soul. YNDI Awaken & Empower is a transformational yoga class to build upper body and core strength that you can do in less than an hour! Unroll your mat and press play.


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Benefits of Membership


Unlimited access to solid and diverse Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and restorative classes, and guided meditation, as well as livestream classes and events.


Find your bliss with carefully curated music and art.


Membership to a growing worldwide community of fellow yogis. 


Special access to events and promotions.

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