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YNDI Awaken & Ignite

YNDI Awaken & Ignite


Music by Master Guinean Drummer Namory Keita

YNDI Awaken & Ignite is an energizing Hot Vinyasa practice to awaken and balance the chakras, the energy centers in the body. This vigorous yoga class combines postures from different disciplines of yoga for a powerful experience set to the heartfelt rhythm of West African drumming. The stunning sunrise over the Maine ocean reflects the transformative experience you have on the mat as you open up the body and heart.

The yoga class begins in child's pose to get centered and have time to connect to the breath and the present moment. Take this time to soak in the heartfelt vibrations of the drums. The drumming and the breath will guide you on a transformative experience on your mat. The practice will ease its way into an invigorating and fluid vinyasa class that will strengthen all parts of the body, improve flexibility and create tremendous focus. There is a well balanced mix of yoga postures in this class, including backbends, to create a very fulfilling practice. Drumming balances the energy centers in the body as well as a well balanced yoga practice so the combination is powerful and it all resonates in the closing mudra. Awaken and ignite your soul with this class.

Sunrise, All Level Practice, OMaine

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