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YNDI Awaken & Strengthen

YNDI Awaken & Strengthen


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

This playful and strength building vinyasa yoga class will connect you with stability, resilience and make you feel amazing. The upbeat soundscape by Dj.Inc. and graffiti warehouse environment fuel the flow that focuses on all parts of the body with an emphasis on foundational alignment, upper body and core strength. There are optional postures to crank it up if you are ready, such as the flying pigeon arm balance and side plank variations. The music takes you on a journey in this class and really energizes the practice and creates an atmospheric oasis to rest in for the final savasana, final relaxation. In order to feel freedom and soar, we need to have a strong foundation first. This shorter yoga class creates a profound connection to stability, resilience and freedom. Be ready to face your world with more strength and empowerment.

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Benefits of Membership


Unlimited access to solid and diverse Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and restorative classes, and guided meditation, as well as livestream classes and events.


Find your bliss with carefully curated music and art.


Membership to a growing worldwide community of fellow yogis. 


Special access to events and promotions.

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