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YNDI Awaken and Strengthen II

YNDI Awaken and Strengthen II


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

Work from the ground up in this vigorous vinyasa practice to awaken the body, mind and soul. YNDI Awaken & Strengthen II is a vinyasa yoga class focusing on strength and stability while maintaining a fluid flow. Fusing together asanas from Calcutta, from the Hot Yoga lineage, with asanas from other disciplines, this is an all-encompassing practice to challenge and invigorate your body and mind so you feel full of vitality. Even though this class, as with all the YNDI practices, is all level, there are options for more advanced transitions and arm balances, if you would like to challenge yourself more. Make sure safety is a priority and you meet yourself where you are without judgment. The music is an awesome soundscape created by the talented Dj.Inc. in Atlanta. It's the perfect music to fuel your practice to keep you focused and resilient on your mat. This video is beautifully filmed so I highly encourage to really watch it as well to enjoy the incredible, stunning imagery! Enjoy the YNDI magic.

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