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YNDI Awaken Flow

YNDI Awaken Flow


Custom Composed Music by Mikael Lind

YNDI Awaken Flow is the perfect class for any time of your day, whether it's in the early morning, midday or in the evening. It's a gentle yet energizing vinyasa practice that works the entire body and will awaken your senses. Ease your way into the flow with the stunning sunrise over the Maine ocean and be immersed by the atmospheric soundscape that was custom composed for this practice by Mikael Lind in Iceland.

The sunrise and ocean call us to be present just like our breath. The healing energy of the ocean is palpable in this video where you can almost smell the sea air. In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the combination of the physical practice with the focus on conscious breathing makes this yoga class a truly healing and transformational experience. YNDI Awaken Flow is great if you are short on time and need to squeeze in a fulfilling yoga practice around a busy schedule. This will transport you and make you feel amazing.


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