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YNDI Awaken Flow Express

YNDI Awaken Flow Express


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

The YNDI Awaken Express is a beautiful, shorter and gentler vinyasa practice to awaken the body and soul. Modifications are clearly explained so it is great for all levels of practitioners. Meet yourself where you are and adjust the practice for your needs. Through clear alignment instruction, focus on breathing and empowering, fluid asana practice, this yoga class will make you feel full of vitality. The magical light in this class filmed in a gorgeous setting, and amazing soundscape composed by Dj.Inc., enhances the powerful experience you have on your mat. Your yoga practice helps to slow down the chatter in the mind, strengthens the body which improves confidence, and clears out clutter which helps bring in more clarity. The YNDI Awaken Flow Express is very convenient to fit in around a busy schedule since it's only 25 minutes and yet is an all-encompassing practice to make you feel your best. Connect with your true essence, which is light.

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