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YNDI Awaken Flow with Hip Openers

YNDI Awaken Flow with Hip Openers


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

Awaken your body with this all-encompassing vinyasa yoga class that will build strength, endurance and release tension and stress with hip openers. Amidst the rusty colors of foliage and earthy light, the cinematography of this class is beautiful to feel a strong connection to the earth and the spacious sky. Combining different disciplines of yoga for a therapeutic and insightful practice to build self-awareness, YNDI Awaken Flow with Hip Openers is empowering and transformational.

Nestled in a vast open field, the class begins connecting to the earth in childs pose and slowly rises up from the ground, easing you into a steady and fluid asana practice. The clear instruction with modifications explained, will improve circulation, stretch all areas of your body and help sharpen your focus with clear alignment cues and balancing postures. The reminder to be with the breath anchors you in the present moment to keep you more present throughout daily life. Closing off with hip openers allows you to release emotional blockages that are held in the body, so you can be more present and move into the future with more clarity and ease. Dj.Inc. in Atlanta has conjured up an incredible soundscape for this practice to enhance the transformation. Connect with your potential.

All Level Practice, Beginner Friendly

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