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YNDI Flow & Fly

YNDI Flow & Fly

1hr 11min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

An energizing and upbeat YNDI Flow that is fluid and ideal for more seasoned practitioners, will build strength, improve flexibility and balance, sharpen focus, and will help you take flight. Integrating Vinyasa with the therapeutic Hot Yoga lineage from Calcutta, inspired by the Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa, this class offers options to crank it up even more with arm balances, binds and more advanced balancing postures. It is always an option to stay with the foundation of a posture and build strength and self-awareness. In addition to all of the YNDI classes, YNDI Flow & Fly is great to do multiple times so you understand how to pace yourself, focus on the breathing, and know how to prepare for what's coming next. As with all the classes, it becomes a moving meditation.

Nestled in the alcove of gorgeous towering trees, the class begins with a seated, centering meditation. It slowly builds, safely warming the body up through variations of sun salutations and will ease into more challenging parts of class so the body is warm, the mind quiet and the focus sharp. A few of the more advanced postures that are explored in this class are flying pigeon, full compass, firefly, a couple variations of side crow, bird of paradise, bound half moon, revolving lunge twist with binds, and more fun options. The class closes with the perfect balance of a floor series to slow down, including backbends, leg stretches and an inversion.
This class will challenge you, keep you focused, work up a great sweat, and help you let go of limitations to see what's possible.

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