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YNDI Flow & Fly II

YNDI Flow & Fly II


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

Appropriate for seasoned practitioners, YNDI Flow and Fly II takes your practice to the next level with advanced options for arm balances and transitions. This yoga class will build strength, sharpen focus, improve endurance and stamina through a challenging vinyasa flow bringing different practices of yoga together, including therapeutic postures from Hot Yoga and Calcutta. In an ethereal setting inside, the class brings in soothing energy with the environment that compliments the invigorating practice. Having a strong foundation and the steady flow of the breath are the priorities. The arm balances and other advanced postures are always optional in the YNDI videos when they are offered. What makes these videos valuable learning tools is that the instruction is clear, you can pause and easily replay, and practice them multiple times to really dig deep into the practice and receive more transformational benefits.

Beginning with Dandayamana Pranayama, standing breathing, the practice starts with setting the tone on focus, breath and connecting the breath with the body. Variations of sun salutations will ease you into the practice to slowly warm you up to embody the present moment along with an amazing immersive soundscape by Dj.Inc. The yoga class will slowly build and bring in postures to challenge and inspire you, such as Crow, Eagle Side Crow, Eka Pada Koundinyasana/flying splits, and fun transitions including headstands. It is so important you have a regular and seasoned practice before doing this class. You need to have a good understanding of the fundamentals and basic postures of yoga, such as chaturanga, upward dog and downward facing dog. Feel empowered and full of vitality with YNDI Flow and Fly II!

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