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YNDI Flow II with Hip Openers

YNDI Flow II with Hip Openers

1hr 24min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

A fluid and challenging all level Hot Vinyasa yoga class that's inspired by the Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa. There are are clear options instructed for all levels of practitioners and advanced variations of poses are introduced for those who are ready to try to something new. Meet yourself where you are with no judgment and build from there.

The class begins with Standing Breathing, Dandayamana Pranayama, to warm up the lungs and coordinate the breath with the body. Our breathing is the most important part of our practice so this breathing exercise sets the tone with focus and awareness. Travel to the misty and dark, atmospheric interior for an invigorating Hot Vinyasa practice that builds upper body and core strength as well as improves flexibility and focus. In the sunlit barn the balancing practice will improve stability, balance and strength, for the body and mind. Relax in candlelit environment with the floor sequence, which focuses on hip openers. The hips hold stress and anxiety. This practice will help release tension and invite in more freedom and openness back into the body. Have a block and/or folded blanket handy if you have it for the hip openers. Bliss out in the final savasana in a dreamscape open field to surrender into the earth.

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