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YNDI Fundamentals

YNDI Fundamentals


The proper foundation and structure of a yoga posture creates stability and safety. The YNDI Fundamentals tutorial clearly explains and demonstrates the alignment details for tabletop, plank, chaturanga, double chaturanga, downward facing dog, and upward facing dog. The optional modifications are also covered so you know how to adjust postures for your needs. Yoga is a practice and with time, self-awareness, strength and stability are improved. It's essential to focus on the foundation of each pose first before building on it. The instruction is uncompromising and the visuals are informative to understand how the body should be aligned.

YNDI Fundamentals is an extremely helpful video for newer students to understand how the asanas can be modified, as this can be integrated into every yoga class, as well as learning the alignment for common poses in yoga. It is also a great video for seasoned practitioners to be refreshed and reminded of the details.

Beginner Friendly

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