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YNDI Fusion 40min

YNDI Fusion 40min

41 min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

This shorter YNDI Fusion class is perfect when you are short on time or are just looking for a therapeutic and powerful practice that is ideal for all levels. This yoga class will give you the incredibly therapeutic benefits of postures originating from the Ghosh lineage, the traditional Hot Yoga practice, with a little flow to strengthen the upper body and core. You'll work from the inside out, improving circulation to all areas of your body - your muscles, bones and organs, and it will profoundly help quiet your mind. With uncompromising alignment instruction and emphasis on conscious breathing, you'll be able to release blockages in the body and experience the fluid flow of life force energy, Prana, moving through the body. Gain a strong connection to everything around you and within.

The stark cinematography in this class is stunning, capturing the glow of late daylight, nestled in a magical otherworldly setting outside. The soundscape by Dj.Inc. is an amazing vibe for this steady and strong practice that doesn't distract you on your mat. It's amazing the transformation that can happen in only 40 minutes! You deserve to take time for you to feel your best. True peace comes from within.

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