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YNDI Fusion with Hip Openers

YNDI Fusion with Hip Openers

1hr 17min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

The YNDI Fusion with Hip Openers is a dynamic and transformational yoga class fusing together different disciplines of yoga. It incorporates postures from Hot Yoga and the Bishnu Ghosh lineage from Calcutta with postures from other styles of Hatha yoga, to bring in variation and more upper body and core strength. This is a powerful practice for seasoned practitioners and is also very accessible for newer yoga students.

This class begins with Standing Breathing, Dandayamana Pranayama, in a serene field to quiet the mind, connect the breath with the body and warm up the lungs. Travel to the stark and otherworldly field for the standing flow practice. The balancing sequence will be one set of postures in a Nordic barn before we tune it down and go to the floor for the Hip Openers that release stress and tension out of the body. The candlelit atmosphere for the hip openers invites you to slow down and recharge the body. The practice closes with Kapalbhati Breathing and a long, beautiful savasana. If you have very tight hips or back, modifications are offered for with a block and without.

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