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YNDI Heart Opening Flow Express

YNDI Heart Opening Flow Express


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

YNDI Heart Opening Express is a fluid vinyasa yoga class incorporating different disciplines of yoga, including therapeutic Hot Yoga. This all level practice will strengthen, improve flexibility and balance, and open your heart. Nestled in gorgeous sunlight on a beautiful field, the heart opening vinyasa will guide you through a fluid practice connecting the breath with the body as you're immersed in an amazing soundscape by Dj.Inc. There is the perfect balance between focus on alignment and building the right structure with also awareness of the energy that's opening up in the body, and connection that's formed within yourself and with everything around you.

The class begins in child's pose to get centered and connect with the breath. It will ease its way into a fluid vinyasa flow that resembles water and the ocean, and the rise and fall of the breath. Seal off the practice in more magical sunlight in another outdoor setting for an abbreviated balancing practice and floor series. The practice will nurture, challenge and empower you to embrace your highest version of Self.

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