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YNDI Heart Opening Flow with Knees, Back & Hips

YNDI Heart Opening Flow with Knees, Back & Hips

1hr 17min

Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

The YNDI Heart Opening Flow is an all level, fluid vinyasa practice basking in beautiful sunlight in a serene field. This yoga class brings together different disciplines of yoga for a healing, all-encompassing and challenging yoga class to make you feel a big, positive shift. Your body will feel full of vitality, mind calm and heart open.

This practice begins with getting grounded and centered in child's pose and smoothly transitions to an invigorating, vinyasa flow with extra attention on the fluidity of the breath and heart opening backbends. There are optional postures in the class to crank it up if you like, such as crow arm balance and headstand, sirsansa. From the field, travel to a Nordic barn for a strong balancing practice to improve focus, balance and flexibility, in addition to building strength. We'll seal it off in the gorgeous butterfly field for the floor series that focuses on therapeutic postures for the knees, back and hips. You can have a block or folded blanket handy if you have one. Soak in the restful and well deserved relaxation, final savasana. Catch the butterfly.

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