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YNDI Practice for Stillness (air)

YNDI Practice for Stillness (air)


Custom Composed Music by Mikael Lind

One of the biggest gifts and most challenging to achieve can be stillness and rest. “Practice for Stillness” will begin with a breathing exercise to quiet the mind. Nadi Shodhona/ alternate nostril breathing will clear out the energy channels: the right which is the Pingala Nadi represented by the sun, and correlates to the left side of the brain, and the left which is the Ida Nadi represented by the moon, and correlates to the right side of the brain. The clearing of these energy channels will help the energy rise up the central energy channel, the Sashoomna, to bring profound peace and connection. The breathing will take you into a blissful guided meditation to soak in stillness and recharge your batteries. Meditation is the highest form of yoga.

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