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YNDI Restorative Flow

YNDI Restorative Flow


Custom Soundscape by Dj.Inc.

Slow down, heal and connect the breath with the body in gentle yoga postures and movements to help quiet the mind. YNDI Restorative Flow includes floor postures and a few standing postures that are not weight bearing for the upper body (no downward facing dog and chaturanga). This yoga class will stretch areas of the body that hold tension as well as build strength from foundational postures. The minimal aesthetics and mood of this class with an amazing ambient soundscape by Dj.Inc. will transport you. Strip away distraction to connect to something bigger.

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Benefits of Membership


Unlimited access to solid and diverse Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and restorative classes, and guided meditation, as well as livestream classes and events.


Find your bliss with carefully curated music and art.


Membership to a growing worldwide community of fellow yogis. 


Special access to events and promotions.

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